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20.11. BASS GAME 6Y presents: Welcome to SIN CITY

BASS GAME celebrates sixth year in the game with very special techno and psytrance DJ’s.
Carbon (GER) and Psycrain (AT) will headline Sin City event together with BASS GAME founder Milla Lehto in a special warehouse location, Keran Hallit. Minimal Techno artist Carbon from Hamburg is one of Milla Lehto’s favorite producers. His sound is made to fire BASS GAME dancefloor for the first time in Finland. Psycrain, psytrance producer from Vienna, has been played by C.A.T. multiple times and finally Psycrain will present his skills in Finland! Many talented local DJ’s will join Carbon, Psycrain and Milla Lehto on the DJ booth: C.A.T., Catsnake, Jayten, JayJay and Anastasija.
Together with this industrial warehouse environment, the stunning lights and visuals will make the Sin City atmosphere to this event. Keran Hallit is easily accessible with train from Helsinki.
Please note that there is no bar at this event. K18.
Carbon (GER)
Psycrain (AT)
Milla Lehto
Keran hallit
Karamalmintie 2
02630 Espoo
Tickets go on sale on Thursday 30/09/2021 here: