Keran Katujuhlat (Kera’s Street Party) invites everyone on Friday August 26th to celebrate the end of the summer at Keran Hallit

The event will include DJ and live music, a hustle dance workshop, the popular Keran Kirppis, hot dogs, and a screening of the Kera-kollektiivi film.

TIME: Friday 26 August 2022, 4 pm – 11 pm

PLACE: Keran Hallie courtyard and Keran Uusi katu at the eastern entrance. Address: Karamalmintie 2, Kera, Espoo.

FREE ADMISSION: The event is free, accessible and suitable for all ages.



Will be published later.



Hustle is a dance style created in New York in the 70s during the disco boom, and it is danced in pairs. Hustle has its roots in mambo, swing and other latin dance styles, which is why the dance style is sometimes also called Spanish hustle or Latin hustle.

Tanja Kuurola and Niklas Isola, active members of the Finnish hustle scene, come to teach hustle dance at Keran Katujuhlat. Anyone without previous experience can participate in the dance workshop, and you can also come to the class without a pair, since couples are continuously mixed during the dance class.

The workshop will take place on Kera Uusi katu at 5 PM – 6:30 PM. 

Have a look at how hustle dancing looks like:



Keran kirppis, Kera flea market is organized at the inner yard of Keran Hallit from 4 to 8 PM. The flea market is organized like a park flea market, which means that the selling spots are free and do not need to be booked in advance. Just bring your own table, rack or blanket. Sellers can bring goods to the sales area after 3 pm, after which the cars must be moved from the sales area to the parking lot. More information about the arrangements will be published soon!



Kera-kollektiivi will be serving free vegan hot dogs! Barbecuing starts from 6 PM onwards on Keran Uusi katu at eastern entrance of the halls.



J.H. Jylkkä’s documentary film was premiered in the spring of 2022. The beautiful film focuses on the activities of the Kera-kollektiivi and the Concreate Urban Art Festival organized at Keran Hallit, which brought colour the area of ​​the halls during the worst times of the pandemic. The film will be screened at Tired Uncle’s Taproom from 9 PM onwards. Duration 1h 28min.





By train: Train E or U. Walk from Kera train station towards east; follow the fences of Keran Hallit which are decorated with art.

The main gate of Keran Hallit can be found next to the parking area. Come through the gate and the pink colored main doors of Keran Hallit. After the lobby, walk straight to the end of the corridor. Exit to the inner yard.

By bus: Buses 532 and 114, the closest bus stop is Nihtimäki (E1306). Walk through the barrier gate and walk towards the inner yard of Keran Hallit.

By bike: The parking area for bikes is located next to the main gate and next to the Taproom’s terrace.

By car: The parking lot can be found between the main gate of the halls and the train tracks. Drive to the parking area from Karamalmintie. This parking area is under the supervision of ParkkiPate, so remember to use a parking disc. Parking is free for 4 hours.



The event and Keran Hallit are accessible, free, and open to all!

However, please note that if you arrive by train, Kera station is unfortunately inaccessible with wheelchair due to a large gap between train and the platform. Keran Hallit can also be reached by bus and by car.



Several toilets can be found in the east hall (sports hall), next to the changing rooms. In addition, there are a couple of toilets next to the Tired Uncle’s Taproom (door 611) and one by the brewery stores. An accessible toilet can be found next to the changing rooms of the sports hall, near the main door of the halls, next to the entrance of Padel House.



We want our event to be safe and fun for everybody, which is why we follow safer space policies. Please respect others’ boundaries, and do not make unnecessary assumptions about other people’s backgrounds, gender, sexuality or other identity factors. Any kind of harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated and people who behave in a disturbing manner will be removed from the area. If you happen to encounter harassment of any type or feel unsafe in our event, do not hesitate to contact the staff!