Keran Kirppis 24.10

The flea market is held in Keran Hallit courtyard, Espoo, at 11am-3pm. If the weather is rainy, the flea market will be held inside the halls. 

Points of sale are free and do not need to be booked in advance. So anyone can come and sell their stuff, as long as you take all the unsold stuff with them and clean up their sale point. The seller can bring a sales table, a sheet or arrange their sales point as they wish.

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Scroll down for the more info and the map of the area.


Due to the corona situation, we recommend face masks for everyone attendig the flea market! Please stay home even if you have small flu symptoms. Health authorities recommend applying for the test even if you experience mild symptoms. There is plenty of space inside the hall, but we may have to limit the number of visitors if the situation requires. The sales lines will be looser than in an outdoor flea market. There are hand disinfectant on site, please use them regularly. Also, be sure to keep safety distances to others.We recommend using Mobilepay or cash as the payment method.
It is also recommended to use the Koronavilkku application in public areas.


Keran Hallit, Karantie 2, Kera, Espoo
See the map of the area below.


By train: Train E or U. Walk from Kera train station towards east, following the Keran Hallit fences that are decorated with art.
The main gate of Keran Hallit can be found next to the parking lot. Come through the gate and head towards the colourful main doors infront of you. As you come through the lobby, turn left, walk to the end, and turn right. OR head straight forward between Loft Gym and Padel House.

By bus: Buses 532 and 114, the bus stop you should get off at is Nihtimäki (E1306). Walk through the barrier gate and walk towards the inner yard of Keran Hallit.

By bike: The bike rack of Keran Hallit is located next to the main gate.

By car: The parking area of Keran Hallit is located next to the main gate outside the area fence. Enter from Karantie. Parking time is 4 hours just remember to use parking disc.


Sellers can bring the goods to the sales area at 10:00 onwards. If you bring the goods by car, drive to the inner yard of Keran Hallit from the driveway at the intersection of Karantie and Lansantie. You can unload the car in the courtyard of the halls and drive it to the end of the hall in the sellers’own parking lot. Note! This car park is for sellers only, buyers must leave their car in the official parking area of Keran Hallit.

See the map of parking areas and the sales area below.


Please stay home if you feel sick. Also, be sure to keep safety distances to others. Fortunately, there is plenty of space in the yard of Keran Hall for a large number of people.

Everyone is responsible for their own belongings and rubbish, so clean up your point of sale before you leave.

If there are a lot of visitors, we may have to limit the number of visitors.

If you have intact clothes or items to donate, the Nihtisilta’s Kierrätyskeskus is located less than a kilometer from Keran Hallit at Kutojantie 3. Read more about donating to the Kierrätyskeskus here.

Keran Kirppis 24.10.