Concreate2021- Laura Pehkonen -photographer Pekka Lintusaari

Laura Pehkonen

Laura Pehkonen is a visual and ceramic artist from Helsinki. Stylewise Pehkonen is an abstract and experimental painter who combines various techniques in her work, like traditional brushwork, paper collages and spray painting. Pehkonen has made public ceramic artwork, for example, in Pasila’s street art district, and at the Jakomäen Sydän building.

“ “Domino” is a large, collage-ish relief made out of ceramic pieces. The parts of the work are pieces that have remained either from my former ceramic works or when I have been experimenting with different techniques. This piece took its form as I brought all the ceramic pieces to Keran Hallit and improvised their composition on the spot. The name of the piece, “Domino”, comes from the game in which the player sets a domino piece in line with the former player’s piece, and thus, the game goes on and creates an organic, meandering line. “

Instagram: @lpehkonen