Timo Tyynismaa _ Trama Team, Keran Hallit. Pekka Lintusaari.

Timo Tyynismaa

Timo Tyynismaa is an architect and artist from Oulu, and he brings a fresh breeze of Finnish “hickness” and a direct attitude towards artwork. Tyynismaa has painted in many locations, different scales. At the moment, Tyynismaa feels that organic themes are the most natural subjects for him.

Instagram: @tyynismaa

“The topic of the painting came from a nightmare I saw around the time the artist choices for Concreate Urban Art Festival were announced. As a change, I wanted to create simpler and more graphic shapes than I usually do. My wall is divided into three by two pillars, which is why it felt natural to compose a piece from three different pictures. 

It does not represent Cerberus.”