Organize your event at Keran Hallit! 

Keran Hallit has three event spaces, one outside and two indoors. Events can be organized primarily on Fridays and Saturdays between 12PM and 10PM, but other times and dates are also possible if needed. We prioritize larger events that feature program for several hours. Events can be organized indoors and outdoors till October 2021.

Events that are free and open to all can also be organized for free until 10PM. Private events and events after 10PM can also be organized for a fee (amount of which depends on the event). For such events, please contact us for a request for proposals. 

We offer a sound system, sound technicians, and lights for all events. If needed, we will also take care of security during the event.

You can suggest your free event or ask for a request for proposals with this form!  Please read through the instructions for event organizers before applying. 

NB! Please note the audience limit restrictions at events imposed by the authorities. The audience limit for events in June is max. 50 people outdoors and 10 people indoors.

Applying for a grant for your own event

You can also apply for a project grant for your event from the City of Espoo. The application is open on 31.8. until 3.45 pm. Project grants aim to implement festivals, free cultural events that increase resident participation, and projects in the arts and culture sector. Grants can also be applied for projects that promote well-being and start achievable art activities. Decisions for grants of less than 3000€ are made on a monthly basis.

Find out more and apply for a grant on the City of Espoo’s website.


Keran Keidas

Keran Keidas (“Kera Oasis”) is a courtyard in between of the halls where we going to build a covered stage. The area of Keran Keidas has the largest mural concentration of Finland – walls are filled with 10-meter high murals. The area can be limited and modified so that it is suitable both for small groups and large (appx. 1000 people) audiences.




Lähettämö (“Dispatch department”) is one of the new event spaces at Keran Hallit. Lähettämö is the former dispatch department of Inex Partners’ logistics center. Nowadays its inner walls are filled with graffiti and other forms of urban art, and the space can be utilized for different events. Lähettämö features a fixed stage that can also be used during events. Lähettämö can host up to 450 people. 




Konttori (“Office”) is the second new event space at Keran Hallit and offers an athmospheric venue for smaller events. This former office space is now filled with different forms of urban art. Konttori has a large common area accompanied with multiple smaller office rooms, a functioning kitchen, and a small stage. Konttori can host up to 100 people.