Doing things together. Art. Urban culture. Experiments. Music. Events. Festivals. Urban farming. Open-mindedness. Having fun.

That’s what Kera-kollektiivi is all about. And a lot more, because our activities are constantly shaped by new ideas and partnerships.

The idea for Kera-kollektiivi rose from the desire to create something unique and unprecedented: a great oasis of urban culture, where one can experiment and experience. An oasis that is made together. Where creativity knows no boundaries. Where people come from near and far. 

Kera-kollektiivi operates in Keran Hallit, a former giant logistics center of Inex (Karantie 2), and in its surroundings – and has an enormous amount of space to play with. Yet, at the same time, it’s within easy reach: located in Espoo, Kera is just a 15-minute train ride away from Helsinki Central Station, and it’s within the AB zone. The halls are located right next to the station.

Also, many other operators and organisations have found their way into Keran Hallit and have given the place a whole new life – before it will be dismantled at some point in the future. But before that, a lot can happen. 

The collective is made possible by City of Espoo Event and Cultural Services. Other partners are SOK, who owns the buildings, and many other instances. We are open to any cooperation, so if you have any ideas, please get in touch! 

The collective launched in spring 2020 with art projects that brought color to the area. During the two active years, Kera-kollektiivi produced urban farming, flea markets, urban art festivals and music events. Even though most of Kera-kollektiivis activities have finished, we still might be up to something in 2022 – be sure to follow the situation on Facebook and Instagram!