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14.8. Ursus Factory

Keran Keidas, the sunny courtyard of Keran Hallit, has been filled with colourful murals and now also features a stage built on old loading docks. On the last week of July, the stage will be taken over by Ursus Factory!

Ursus Factory is a garagerock duo from Helsinki, Finland. It consists of two baby-faced dudes, Jussi and Allu, who’s uncontrollable energy and riffs hit you in the face, while the subject matter sensitively strokes your cheek. Although the wall of noise is aggressive and offensive, the band can be at times openly naive. The songs are usually about the pain of living, but they don’t avoid the self-ironic humor.

The band grasps the audience as a part of a primitive rock-ritual through killer songs, randomness and improvisation. Ursus Factory is more about unrestrained self-expression, exploding and a good party than coolness or other trivial things.