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17.12. Demolition Party @ Lähettämö & Konttori

The Kera-kollektiivi event spaces, Lähettämö and Konttori, will soon be closed for the last time. But for the last time we will gather in the space to enjoy music, art and good company. 

During the last week the doors will be opened for everyone to come and admire the space filled with art. The event for the open days you can find from here:

The open days -week will culminate in the last party of the space on Friday the 17th December in Konttori where there will be shows by Bad Sauna and Joni Ekman with his solo gig! 

The event is open for everyone but please don’t show up sick. We will check corona passes at the door. The event is for people over 18 years, but kids can come with a parent.

There won’t be food or drink catering, so bring your own snacks if wanted.

Please note that the Konttori-space isn’t unobstructed, the passage to the space happens through stairs.

The event is free.

*** LOCATION ***
The Kera Warehouses, Karamalmintie 2 (previously Karantie 2), Kera, Espoo. Konttori-space, door L435 at the end of the inner ward of the warehouses, up the spiral staircase. Please note that the space isn’t unobstructed, the passage to the Läettämö-space and the toilets happens only through stairs.
By train: Either E- or U-train. Walk east from the Kera train station following the Kera Warehouse mesh fence decorated with art. You will find the Kera Warehouse main gate next to the parking lot. Come through the main gate, walk in the warehouse through the pink main door and straight through the hallway. At the end of the hall step outside and turn right. At the end of the yard is a big orange door L435 to Lähettämö.
By bus: Buses 532 and 114, stop Nihtimäki (E1306). Walk through the bar gate in the area and walk to the end of the inner ward of the warehouses.
By bike: The bike park of Kera Warehouses can be found either next to the main gate or on the inner ward next to Taproom’s terrace.
By car: At the beginning of the inner ward you can find an uncontrolled parking lot. Drive in from the intersection at Karantie and Lansantie. Next to the main gate, close to the train tracks, there is a parking lot controlled by ParkkiPete. You can park there for free for only 4 hours with a parking disc.
The Kera Warehouses will be demolished in parts from the way of a new neighborhood. The first part, the side of the Kera railway station, will be demolished during January to September of 2022. The rest of the warehouses will be up for a few more years. This means the art isn’t all going to disappear! The largest mural area in Finland situated in the inner ward of the Kera Warehouses and the artworks in the sports hall will be the pleasure of the eye for a long time.
There are also many services at the Kera Warehouses, for example breweries, many sports places, cafes and restaurants. Check out things to do at the Warehouses from the website:
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