Concreate2021- Ghost -photographer Pekka Lintusaari 001


Ghost is a graffiti artist (since -96) from Espoo. Ghost has painted graffiti at Malminkartano train station, Visma’s office, underpass bridges around Finland, etc.

“In the beginning of this project, I came to visit the premises and became fascinated by this particular wall that has four sides and can be walked around. At first, I did not have an idea for the piece, but then I remembered that this place would also be used for music events. I wanted to combine music and graffiti, and thus had the idea to paint a “ghetto blaster”, an iconic symbol of hip hop culture. On the backside I designed a sticker-like graffiti, as stickers are a part of today’s graffiti culture.”
Instagram: @_kummitus_