• Concreate2021- Hilkka Helmi -photographer Pekka Lintusaari 004
    Photo: Pekka Lintusaari


Hilkka Helmi is a multi-talented artist whose colorful mixed media pieces reflect her equally colorful sense of humor. Her editorialized pop-art pieces have already been admired in roughly 20 exhibits.

“When diving to another dimension, you can find that the patriarchy is destroyed, and the party can start. Colorful fun, psychedelic, and pop art spirited happenings. This is praise for assumed-female bodies and the right to be what they are, bravely and openly. I always work living in the moment and diving into the world of my work, and eventually, the art starts to produce itself. The artwork is mixed media, installation-like “art hassle.” The work started by photographing gorgeous female-assumed bodies and creating digital collages. The work also included paper clipping cut-and-glue technique-made characters. Then, around these characters, the work itself started to take shape. The other artists also fed my creativity at Concreate, as well did the whole festival feeling, and the feminist art activism group Cvlt Cvnth.”

Instagram: @hilkkahelmi