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Minttu Pyykkönen is an independent visual artist and a soon graduating art educator. In recent years Pyykkönen has focused on painting murals and street art. In fact, she is writing her master’s thesis on public art and murals. In her story-based pieces Pyykkönen often depicts people, nature, empathy and presence with soft colors.

In this mural, Pyykkönen ponders softness, sensitivity, curiosity and empathy as superpowers in the systematic and hectic modern times. The piece is also inspired by the spirit and activities of Keran Hallit. The glowing cabbage, butterflies and flowers refer to Kera urban garden. The disco ball and recod player in the other hand refer to the night life and culture events of the area. The swallows soaring around in the painting also inhabit the area around Keran Hallit.

IG: @minttupy