• Concreate2021- Viv Magia -photographer Pekka Lintusaari
    Photo: Pekka Lintusaari


Viv Magia is an internationally working street- and graffiti artist. She has worked a lot in South America, where she has obtained stylistic influences and inspiration for her art. Magia often works in a multi-cultural environment, and she has participated in interdisciplinary art projects with other artists. South America, indigenous people, human rights, and the mysticism of nature are an endless source of inspiration for Magia. For her, it is essential to bring out cultural diversity in her artwork. Often her work also reflects touching stories and deep feelings, sighing feminine energy. Her pieces can also be found in Scandinavia, like in the streets, public spaces, and private collections.


“I am NaharY, a Finnish and Angola-born rapper. My collaboration with Viv Magia began with my “Takas mestoil” -single, which is a song in which I talk about being Angolese representing Finland, and how my Angolese roots affect my life. This mural represents things I love about Finland, such as nature, lakes, and peace. In addition, it features important elements from Angolese culture, such as the traditional samacaca fabric and O Pensador statue, which represents deep wisdom and reminisces the sufferings of the people.” – NaharY

“I admire the way NaharY expresses himself and his experiences through art and brings out intriguing thoughts and points of view about life. By acknowledging the points NaharY brings out, people could understand each other better.” – Viv Magia