• 13.11. Restaurant Wasted Space

13.11. Restaurant Wasted Space

Restaurant Wasted Space is making a come back! This time we will meet at the Kera warehouse spaces that will be demolished next year. Now is the time to enjoy good food and art with old and new friends in this unique environment.
Cities are full of spaces, that we could use for much more. We fill them for a moment with good food, drinks, company and art. We invite there friends and strangers. Let’s see, what we’ll end up with. Restaurant Wasted Space is created together by Jaakko Blomberg and  Jyrki Tsutsunen. The restaurant borns again every time again only for one night.
Each visitor can decide themselves what to pay but we wish everyone to contribute with at least 50 euros. To go with the menu we will offer Tired Uncle Brewing Co’s great beers. Afterwards the evening continues informally so there is no rush to leave. Prepare some cash for donations.
The event is private. If you are willing to attend contact Jaakko Blomberg via e-mail jaakko.blomberg@gmail.com
On the e-mail mention the amount of people coming (max 4) and possible special diets.
Banner art: Hilkka Helmi