• sadeklubi
SADE ry presents: SADEKLUBI goes Keran Hallit!
Our first SADEKLUBI events were cancelled by Covid -19 but now, finally, we get to kick our clubs off in the exquisite environment of Keran Hallit. This time we want to offer you a possibility to party early and after continue perhaps to another party or home to enjoy a good nights sleep. Our dj selection is the perfect fit for this summer of relief and fulfillment and that of hot and sunny days.
One of our aims for this event is to break the idea of it being just for “the dance scene” but rather bring together all the people that love dancing! So invite your friends and your summercrushes and let’s all come together to party in the spaciousness of Keran Hallit!
Mellow Yellow collective
Represented this time by the wonderful Sophia and Renaz! It goes without saying that their sets are hot and you got no chance but to party your heart out. We at SADE ry warmly recommend you to stretch and hydrate properly week prior and after to make sure we can manage with the intensity of dancing and bootyshaking required. If we are so lucky to get Mellow Yellow to bless the dance floor we advice you to watch out and take notes, these people can bust some moooves!
Dj Kekki
This house flower, unfortunately for us, mostly vanished into the lands of Sweden will be there to bless us with her house selections. And just like her colleagues Dj Kekki will burn up the dancefloor too if she decides to enter!
The event is free of charge!
Even tho the covid situation is more calm we do need you to remember that it is not yet over. So just a few reminders on that and some other points.
– Remember to sign up through the provided google form, this way we will have all the information of everyone that has participated our event
– Do not come to the club if you have any symptoms of corona
– Keep a safety distance as well as possible
– Remember to wash your hands
– ALWAYS dab in case of a cough or a sneeze
– Also please respect that not everyone is yet ready to greet you through touching
– There’s toilets and water available at Keran hallit but bring loads of water when you come, preferrably even vichy or make sure otherwise that you’re getting your salt.
SADE ry is always aiming to produce events that follow safer space policies. We hope that you accept and give space for everyone to participate in the event as they are. We kindly ask you to not make assumptions on anyone’s background, gender, sexuality, identity etc. All kinds of harrasment, discrimination and breaking ones boundaries leads to said harassers removal from the area. Were you to experience any harm you can report it to our security officers, dj’s or a set person in charge of handling such situations, we will inform that person to you later.
We also recommend you to read through a more comprehensive safer space policies to refresh your memory prior to coming to the club.
By honoring the safer space policies we will all enjoy our time there and leave with nothing but fresh, beautiful and perhaps slightly sweaty memories. Lush!
We are still looking into the accessibility of the venue, we will inform more on that shortly.
The event is meant to be held indoors (with big doors open to the fresh air) but incase we have the possibility in terms of weather and other factors we might move the event outdoors.
See you soon, let’s parteyyhh!