Superflinda. Kuvaaja Jaakko Blomberg


Artist interview: Superflinda

Superflinda is an experienced graphic artist and illustrator and specializes in branding. Her work has been in exhibitions around Finland and the world, for instance, in Slovenia. She has graduated as a master of arts and art director. Superflinda has a background in the hip-hop culture, where she has gathered skills to master various painting techniques. Also, she has explored traditional calligraphy, hand lettering, and sign painting. Because of her graphic design background, Superflinda has a vital skill in typography that she utilizes in her art. Drawing and visuals have been part of her life since she was a child.

I have drawn ever since I was a child. It stopped for some time in my teenage years, but later on, I returned to it. For me, it has always been self-evident to express myself visually.

When Superflinda gets an idea, she instantly starts to sketch it out to see if it would work in practice. The process goes on straightforwardly from an idea to sketch, from sketch to design, and from design to execution. Sometimes Superflinda works on place-based art, where the placement of the artwork has a vital role in conceptualization. Superflinda wants to make an effect and bring joy with her work.

I want to make an impact with my art, visually or ideologically. I wish that people will see my artwork as a beautiful addition to the environment, not as a horror. I am inspired by pretty much everything around me, sometimes too much.

Superflinda’s work is everything between two-dimensional prints and multi-dimensional installations. She describes her style to be colorful and graphic, supporting themes being typography and flora and fauna. She still loves trying different kinds of techniques.

Lately, I have dived deeper to typography, but I will pleasantly do pretty much any kind of illustration. I love to try different types of techniques, analogical and digital. Of course, the style develops the more you try and learn.

Superflinda seems enthusiastic when asked about working at Keran Hallit, and to our joy, she compliments Kera-kollektiivi.

In my opinion, Kera-kollektiivi does an excellent job at Keran Hallit. When I heard of the artist’s open call, I definitely wanted to be a part of the project. Keran Hallit gives possibilities to carry out anything since it is a huge space.

Superflinda’s letter installation KERA is a local landmark, and its purpose is to bring joy to the urban farmers and anyone who comes to Keran Hallit. It also works as a planting container for flowers. 

– My inspiration for this was all kinds of letter sculptures all over the world. The process proceeded from idea to sketch, then from design to execution.

Even though Superflinda had previous experience of large letter installations, the material in this project was new.

I have some experience with multiple-meter high letter installations, but I have used lighter materials than in KERA. Everything went very well, and I got help moving the letters from my weightlifter brother. Thanks, Jere!

Nevertheless, some more complex challenges than moving the weighty letters presented themselves while working.

– One of the challenges was how the installation would survive in Finland’s weather conditions because it is outside the whole year-round. The other challenge was attaching the letters to the platform. Thankfully Kera-kollektiivi’s Arina was irreplaceable help in solving the problem with me.

Superflinda describes working at Keran Hallit as being pleasant.

– I enjoyed working at Keran Hallit, and as a working space, it was optimal because there was more than enough space to do anything. The experience was unique, and also it gave me a chance to check out all the operatives and activities there.

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