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Concreate Urban Art Festival 2021

Concreate Urban Art Festival will be organized for the second time at Keran Hallit, Espoo.
Concreate focuses mainly on urban art, and the festival unites spaces, art, music, and people. During 1.-16.4. a selection of artists will create an immense entirety of art on the walls of Keran Hallit, which will be sight by itself. Furthermore, the space offers a one-of-a-kind event venue.
Formerly used as a logistical center, Keran Hallit works now as a temporary space for different operatives and has the biggest concentration of murals in Finland.
Keran Hallit will be eventually torn down within a few years when it has to give way for the construction of a new neighborhood. Concreate festival will be mostly held in these soon-to-be-demolished part of the buildings.
The exhibition is open till the 29th of May.
Wed – Fri 1pm – 8pm
Sat 10am – 8pm

On the final week of May, we are open Wed – Sat 10am – 8pm. 
In addition, the spaces will be open to the public on selected dates during summer and autumn.
By car: The parking area for visitors of Keran Hallit can be found outside the halls ‘fences, opposite the halls’ main door, between the train track and the Karantie. Drive to the parking area from Karantie (note! not at the traffic light junction). Parking is free for 4 hours, don’t forget to use the parking disc! Please do not park outside the customers’ parking lot, and there is parking control in the area.
By train: Kera is located in the B zone. When you arrive at the train station, follow the fence decorated with works of art, and you will get to the main doors of Keran Hallit.
By bus: The nearest bus stops are on Karamalmintie (former Karantie) under the name Lansanportti (E1810 and E1811).
Unfortunately, only two out three of our spaces is accessible with a wheelchair or with prams.

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