Kera Keidas Opening Party : Karri Lehtonen & JPTH JNE.

Welcome to the opening party of Keran Keidas, an event space at the inner yard of Keran Hallit! The party features live music from Karri Lehtonen and Jukka Pekka Tapani Heikkinen JA NIIN EDELLEEN, who will be the first performers on the brand-new Lastaamo stage. The event is free of charge.

The songs of Karri Lehtonen are full of stories, drifting between realistic depictions of the artists’ own life and more fictitious worlds. Karri’s imminent and positive presence during his performances will undoubtedly bring a smile to everyone’s faces!

Juha Pekka Tapani Heikkinen JA NIIN EDELLEEN (JPTH) returns from a hiatus, hungrier than ever! This year marks the 10-year anniversary of JPTH’s legendary victory of Street Musician Finnish Championships and 5-year anniversary of his Suomen Katusoittokeisari TV-show. Come around to see if the artists’ guitar, choruses, and speeches in between are in as good tune as before!

We follow the official coronavirus regulations during the event. Do not arrive if you are feeling sick.

The terrace of Keran Keidas serves food and drinks until 7 PM (alcohol until 6 PM). In addition, the brewery shops are open.
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