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Espoo-päivä x Keran Hallit

Kera-kollektiivi invites everyone on the last Saturday of August to visit Keran Hallit and enjoy the culture program. Keran Hallit has slowly revived Inex’s former gigantic logistics center, where operators in various fields provide services to the citizens. Kera-kollektiivi brings color to the area with street art, urban culture and various events.

During the day Kerran Hallit is filled with activities for the whole family. Come and recycle your old things and find new treasures from the flea market. You can even personalise your new finds at the fabric printing workshop. If you are a sportie, head to Itähalli, where different sports operators offer free trials in padel, snooker and the gym. Take part in one of the guided tours to get to know the area or participate in a community art work that will be created in the area. When you get hungry, find your way to the Is It Cooking terrace where you can enjoy fresh pita bread and other goodies. During the day you can admire street circus, and the day culminates in an outdoor film screening.

Take a closer look at the program below!


🔹 10.00 – 15.00 & 18.00 🔹
Kera Snooker – Opening

Kera Snooker will open its doors at Keran Hallit on Espoo Day at 10.00. The hall has open doors and the opportunity to try snooker for free from 10 am to 3 pm. At 6 pm there will be a show match with Finland’s number one player Robin Hull as the other party. Even if snooker is your favorite sport, come sit down for coffee and check out the wonderful wall murals of artist Juha Lahtinen.

🔹 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 & 18.00 🔹
Mural tours
During the day you can take a part on one of the mural tours. The tour will introduce you to the murals of the area and the artists who are behind them. You will also learn more about the work of Kera-kollektiivi. Tours are leaving in front of Kera-kollektiivi’s office. Approximated duration max 30min.
🔹 11.00 & 12.00 🔹
Keran Hallit Tour
During the tour, you will hear the history of Inex’s old logistics center and get to see some places which are normally closed from the public. The tour will be organized by SOK representatives Mari Pitkäaho and Kai Laukkanen. The duration is about 30 minutes and the departure takes place from the inner yard in front of the Cultural Container, which serves as an info point.

🔹 11.00–15.00 🔹
Padel House – Open doors 

You are welcome to try a new hit sport padel for free, either with your playmate or under the guidance of a coach. Padel House Café also offers coffee and buns for everyone. Bring indoor shoes and gym clothes. Rackets and balls are available on site.

🔹 11.00 – 15.00 🔹
Keran Kirppis / Kera flea market

Recycling is cool! Come make great finds and sell things you don’t need anymore. There is no fee in selling, and you don’t have to register as a seller – as long as you clean up after yourself and take unsold items with you after the flea.

🔹 11.00 – 15.00 🔹
Loft Gym – Open doors

Come and visit Keran Hall’s Loft Gym! The gym has a massive area of ​​1839 square meters where you will find a very diverse selection of different gym equipment.

🔹 11.00 – 16.00 🔹
Vivus Orbis – Elävä Ympyrä (The Living Circle)

A 10-meter living circle is designed by Greta Muuri and built from living materials such as soil, plants and flowers. The installation combines sound and music on the background made by Sarah Kivi, sound designer producer and also the Espoo artist of the year. Dive deep to the experience with all your senses even with your bare feet! The work will be on display for a week. The artist Greta Muuri will be around on Espoo Day from 11 am to 4 pm.

🔹 12.00 – 16.00 🔹
Fabric printing workshop

Remake your canvas bag or your old t-shirt to the new one with fabric colors! We offer canvas bags for the first ones, but you can bring either your own light shirt or bag to color it up. Maybe you can also try to find something from Kera Flea Market? Please note that it takes some time to paint to dry so the workshop as a whole will take about an hour.

🔹 11.00 – 18.00 🔹
Community artwork

Leave your mark in Kera! You can be a part of the community art piece that will be painted with spray paints on the ground of Keran Hallit courtyard.

🔹 13.00 & 16.00 🔹
Street Circus Performance: Race Horse Company – Motosikai

NOTE! Fully booked!

The Race Horse Company offers a stunning performance full of action and breathtaking tricks on the ground, in the air and on the roof of a van. The duration of performance is 40 minutes.

🔹 21.15 – 23.15 🔹
Outdoor Film Screening: Cry-Baby (John Waters, 1990)

NOTE! Fully booked!

The cult film, which parodies romantic teenage musicals, features e.g. Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop and Ricki Lake. Bring something to sit on!

Movie snacks:
Is It Cooking has designed a delicious tapas basket for. The tapas basket includes a tasty tapas menu, which also including food for vegetarians. You cna reserve the tapas basket for yourself via email until Fri 28.8. by 6 pm from info@kerakollektiivi.fi. The tapas basket can be picked up and paid at the terrace of Is It Cooking. The price of the basket is 15 €.
The tapas basket includes:
✔️ Prosciutto & Milan salami
✔️ Olives marinated in garlic
✔️ Roasted artichoke heart & balsamic bell pepper
✔️ Two different cheese
✔️ Basilica-cherry tomatoes
✔️ Ciabatta bread
Keran Hallit’ own catering company Is It Cooking arranges a terrace at the inner yard of Keran Hallit. The terrace is open from 11:00 until 21:30. They offer big, fresh and juicy pita breads with different fillings, as well as various drinks for a wide range of tastes. In cooperatio there’s also locally grown Silmusalaatti fullfilling your taste experience. Tired Uncle Brewing brewery keeps its doors open from 12 am to 8 pm. Welcome to sample beers and take a look at what the newly built brewery looks like.
Welcome to spend all day at Keran Hallit! All program is free of charge.

Espoo Day at Keran Hallit is produced by Espoo Event and Cultural Services / City Events in Espoo and Kera-kollektiivi.

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Espoo-päivä x Keran Hallit