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    Photo: Pekka Lintusaari


Graffitiprofessors is an original, structure-breaking, unprejudiced, playful, and dynamic crew that boldly combines and utilizes different techniques. They have been painting since -96. They have participated in Finnish literal masterpieces of graffiti, and they have exhibited in various shows, like Avantgarde Artists Of Graffitis.

The artwork pretty much got its form on location, space, and structure while examining the colors and shapes of the other and continuing them. Some parts of the work are based on a sketch, and most of it was done freely. When finished, the work was a colorful game world inspired by comics, sci-fi, abstract art, typography, and old games. This space is a collage of our many styles throughout the years. We used spray paint, latex paint, wallpaper paste, and prints.