• JulianaHyrri

Juliana Hyrri

Juliana Hyrri, a recently graduated Master of Arts, is a painter, illustrator and comic artist. Hyrri’s first comic book received a Critics’ Spurs award in 2020. Hyrri is inspired by moments in which time seems to have stopped, and says that her art is a journey of exploration for her.

This piece painted in Kera is Hyrri’s first big mural. The painting depicts a detail from a smaller artpiece, that is displayed in Gallery Rajatila in Tampere. The original painting’s theme is paradise, a fairy-tale like reality that is happy, aesthetic and safe.  In Hyrri’s Kera-mural, wild tiger-beasts have gathered around ponds to play, dance and frolic, mirroring the human nature that is primitive in essence

IG: @julianahyrri