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Antti Männynväli is an urban artist whose roots are in the streets, but as a grown-up he has mainly focused on indoor art. Männynväli has been actively painting for the last 25 years and has exhibited in galleries, bars and restaurants.

T-Bone-Slim- mural is a part of Männynväli’s T-Bone Slim series of artworks, that was on display in MakeYourMark- gallery in Suvilahti in July. T-Bone Slim was a American-Finnish vagabond, poet, songwriter and workers rights activist who wrote articles to local workers unions’ papers in the beginning of the 20th century. Männynväli mural is based on a text of T-Bone and the quote “The economic power is the only power the workers have – only workers have it. Parasites are using borrowed power – our power, our lawnmower. Lets make them return it. The world needs a haircut.”

IG: @antti_mannynvali_art