Juliana Hyrri, Keran Hallit. Pekka Lintusaari.

Juliana Hyrri

Juliana Hyrri is a Helsinki-based painter, illustrator, and cartoonist. Her first comic book received a Critics’ Spurs award in 2020. She’s inspired by moments, and her art is a kind of journey of exploration. Hyrri’s approach to art is strongly narrative, visual, and emotionally charged.

“My work is called “Parallel”, as it is a kind of a spatial study. The baseline for the work is an older and smaller painting of mine that combines different spaces in a collage-like manner. Spatial versioning is both built on the conditions of a physical non-space, and it also takes control over it. Stretching, flowing, and craning painting stretches over the floors, walls, and ceiling. The final product is an optical illusion with an immersive power.”
Instagram: @julianahyrri