Concreate2021- Juulia Kääriä - photographer Pekka Lintusaari

Juulia Kääriä

Juulia Kääriä is an artist from Helsinki, and she specializes in animation. In past years she has dived in immersive technology to see what expressive artistic tools it can provide. Her virtual reality piece, “Man under Bridge,” was the first and only Finnish VR-piece chosen to the La Biennale di Venezia. Kääriä has also made an interactive piece to the Oodi library in Helsinki.

“My work Together has three layers of meaning:
– Continuum of generations, into which all of us belong simply by existing.
– Gentleness as a resource and as something worth pursuing.
– Reflection on my own mother line.

I believe that although these layers are not easy, they are meaningful to each one one of us. The work has a feature of augmented reality (AR), the work can also be experienced by the viewer with the help of their phone. The purpose of this AR feature is to bring the piece to life and also familiarize visitors with this new technology, as this type of AR is relatively accessible, because its use does not depend on any specific application. In the beginning of Concreate the AR feature worked best with Android phones, but nowadays also with iOS.”