Concreate2021- Saara Mahbouba- photographer Pekka Lintusaari 004

Saara Mahbouba

Saara Mahbouba is an artist living in Helsinki. Her work revolves around taking a flat two-dimensional space and breaking it down into a complex, rabbit hole of fragmented things, creatures, and designs. Her visual art is a construction of semi-abstracted, fragmented, and hyper-detailed paintings and drawings.

“This wall painting is a continuation of my visual artmaking practice. My paintings are heavily process based, there is never any underdrawing, sketching, or planning — I start by making a mark on the surface and allowing it to grow from there, with each figure or pattern building off of the other, changing what came before. My process revolves around taking a blank space and filling it with semi-abstracted and fragmented beings, creatures, and designs that come together to construct a new, separate world from the viewer’s reality. The paintings are complete when I feel that some kind of balance has been achieved between negative space and mark making.”

Instagram: @saaramahbouba