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Taneli Stenberg graduated as a painter in 2005. Stenberg describes the starting points of his works as sort of staging or setting a scenery. He has even stated that sometimes he feels like a theatre director when creating set-ups. Stenberg gets his inspiration from various things: from physical objects as well as the painting process itself.Stenberg’s style could be described as contemporary magical realism, with elements of graffiti and street art. His pieces are timeless, always with philosophical meanings in the background.

Stenberg has created three pieces at Keran Hallit: his outdoor mural  depicts Kera-kollektiivi’s summer intern Joel. Stenberg wanted to paint a male figure instead of a female figure, which he usually depicts in his artwork. The painting is also inspired by Kera urban garden located at Keran Hallit. The piece spreads out to several walls and also merges with Anetta Lukjanovas artwork on the adjacent wall.

The idea for the piece indoors came from the wall that was separated into three equal pieces. Stenberg wanted to use wanted to use the same color tones and add this piece to the same series. Growth and evolving are the themes of the work.

Instagram: @dandysteele