• Timo Tyynismaa valmis työ


Timo Tyynismaa is an Oulu-based architect who enjoys visual arts and especially painting murals as a counterbalance to his work. To Tyynismaa, creating art is above all a therapeutic pastime. He likes the idea of getting to be as creative as he wishes. Tyynismaa has been drawing for as long as he remembers. He mainly portrays animals in his works.

In Kera, Tyynismaa wanted to create a nature-themed painting. The artist ended up painting a tribute to every man’s rights and lingonberries. The piece has a humoristic tone: in the middle, the viewer can spot a squatting city girl with a picker in her hand. Instead of a certain, more traditional handsign, the girl is showing the peace sign, which introduces a positive vibe to the painting.

IG: @tyynismaa