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Topi Ruotsalainen is a painter who holds a Master’s degree in both Arts and Fine Arts. Ruotsalainen has focused on portraits, and his works are in many remarkable art collections, such as Kiasma and Amos Anderson’s art museum. Through his art Ruotsalainen wants to portray people’s feelings and their hierarchies.

In Ruotsalainen’s painting, the intellectuals among birds, ravens, foretell the doom of our planet. The piece adapts imagery from Ruotsalainen’s series of corvid-themed paintings. The themes arose from anxiety about the state of Eart’s climate and frustrations in the inability of human kind to make sustainable decisions. The artist has said, that the black bird flew into his paintings to declare doom and dawning distress of the human kind. As a mythical foreteller of misfortune, bringer of sorrow and traveller between the worlds, the raven seems to hold more knowledge about our faiths than we do.

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