• Concreate2021- Uniqeco -photographer Pekka Lintusaari
    Photo: Pekka Lintusaari


Uniqeco, Leena Tuomanen is a textile- and jewelry designer by profession. Lately, she has started to get interested in making art again. Tuomanen has painted with Vantaan katutaideyhdistys an underpass bridge at Myyrmäki and an electric box last Autumn. At a younger age, Tuomanen has participated in various art festivals in Finland and abroad. The inspiration for Tuomanen rises from nature, especially from insects. The shapes and visual beauty, and the meaning of the visuals to the surrounding nature. Uniqeco finds insects’ camouflaging abilities and ability of metamorphosis inspiring.

“I have interpreted the endless dance of moths around a light during night-time by changing it to cyclic ornament, and the great differences in contrasts represent the changes between the light and shadow.

I let the piece take its shape as I was working, and each moth took their place in the ornament. It was intriguing to grow the proportions of the insects this big, as I usually work with much smaller scale and jewelry. I used the stencil technique, which is familiar to me working with smaller textiles.”

IG: @uniqeco