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Venla Huhtinen & Karla Aaltonen

Venla Huhtinen is a designer-artist and Karla Aaltonen is a designer-stylist. Both are young professionals who believe their strength is the experientialism and thinking outside the box that come along their young age. With their art, Huhtinen and Aaltonen aim to highlight societal issues in a positive way. Characteristic to their collaboration is the visual design and fearless use of colors.

No connection- piece criticizes the popularity of technology mediated interaction and speaks for authentic encounters, which are depreciated and overtaken by technology and easy solutions. The modern world seems to have no room for real encounters that involve all senses, even though all senses should have a central role in interaction. Despite the somewhat bleak thematics, the artwork is meant to bring joy and pleasure to viewers and help them seize the moment.

IG: @venlahuhtinen & @karlajohannaa