• Terhi Ekebom


Terhi Ekebom is a Helsinki-based artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She graduated from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki (Aalto University) in 2000 and from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2002 after studying visual arts and graphic design. Terhi is a line illustration artist, whose laborious and rich style is loved by editorial clients as well as clients in the advertising field. She works with different techniques and is also happy to work with wall paintings and comics – which she has published several pieces of. The Finnish Comics Society awarded Terhi with the Puupäähattu comic award in 2014. Terhi has been involved in numerous exhibitions around the world, for example in Milan, Brussels, St. Petersburg, New York and Chicago.

Terhi’s piece was designed so, that it blends nicely with the adjecent artworks. The artist was still modifying the original draft while painting and, for example, renewed the colors entirely during the painting process. The painting ended up looking more and more like the planet Eart and the faces in the painting now mirror continents. The artist has described the piece as the landscape of her soul.