Kera Hub Open Doors June 16th from 3 pm to 5 pm.
The transformation from a former industrial area to a model district of sustainable development is progressing in Kera! Welcome to Kera Hub’s Open doors to hear and see what happens next in Kera. Kera Hub is a showroom and meeting place in Keran Hallit for all developers and residents of the Kera district.
The opening of the future urban environment pilot will also take place during the open doors event! During the summer of 2022 the pilot will study and present the possibilities of the future urban space and street environment. There will be at least verdant hanging areas and participatory street areas.


Opportunity to visit the Kera Hub space and to discuss Kera’s development with experts from the City of Espoo. Coffee and buns available!
The opening of the future urban environment pilot and a chance to talk to the pilot’s developers.


Finland’s first rescue flower shop Kukkis organizes a workshop, in which you can create a beautiful headpiece out of flowers that would otherwise get disposed. No previous experience needed, the staff from Kukkis is here to help you. The workshop is open to everyone as long as there are enough flowers to work with!
The workshop will take place in the inner court of Keran Hallit from 3 pm to 5 pm.
Kukkis on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stadinkukkis
Kera-kollektiivi’s workshop invites everyone to craft their own insect hotels out of recycled materials. The ecological bug hotel can be placed outside your summer cottage or home, so the pollinator insects can live in it and keep on pollinating your fruit trees and berry bushes. This is beneficial for the long run, too: some bugs will gladly overwinter in them.
The workshop will take place in the inner court of Keran Hallit from 3 pm to 5 pm.
DJ Laiska Jaakko will be in charge of the music throughout the whole event. Laiska Jaakko is known from festivals and radio and he has been spinning records for over a decade. In his set you will hear beats from Drum ‘n’ Bass to Funk and Soul.
Laiska Jaakko on Facebook: www.facebook.com/laiskajaakko666
Keran Hallit are located in Karamalmintie 2, Espoo. Please note that if you arrive by train, Kera station is unfortunately inaccessible. Keran Hallit can also be reached by bus and by car. For further arrival instructions, see https://www.keranhallit.fi/en/arrival/ .
Kera Hub open doors events will be held in the future as well! The events will present changing themes related to the development of Kera. The following events are in late summer and fall.