Concreate2021- Kaisu Koivisto -photographer Pekka Lintusaari 002

Kaisu Koivisto

Kaisu Koivisto is a diverse artist who paints and also works with photographs, installations, sculptures, and videos. Koivisto is inspired by history, roughness, the romanticism of ruins, and various surroundings. Koivisto has exhibited in Finland and abroad, for example, in Germany.

“The inspiration of the geometrics in the work was the compass roses in maps and dazzle camouflage painted ships. I planned the artwork to fit its environment so that the cabinets would merge into the artwork. The yellow stripes on the floor are also part of the work.

Collage installation forms constellations to the space. The materials were pictures from magazines and books. Gluing pictures together and cutting them in the shapes of stars abstracts them. The installation is full of details that compose a polyphonic story, led by associations of the stream of consciousness.”

Instagram: @kaisukoivisto