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  • Osmo Inferno & Pallo Ollap2


Osek is a graffiti artist from Turku. He has been painting actively ever since 1997. Typical to Osek is that his paintings shape into the moment and the painting’s surroundings. He doesn’t care for detailed sketches and a color palette planned ahead – the final inspiration is formed at the painting location.

IG: @badseeds_osek

Pallo is one of the artists in Kera who will bring graffiti to the area. Pallo’s style is ever changing, and he says he gets easily bored of painting the same things over and over again. Pallo has been an active street artist for many years, and he had his first graffiti experiments in the beginning of the century.

IG: @pallollap

Osmo and Pallo painted two large murals to Keran Hallit. In both pieces, the inspiration drawn from graffiti, street art, comics and old skategraphics is apparent. The duo has, in these paintings, mixed all kinds of elements, themes and imagery typical to their work.